White Horse Grocery & Mercantile is your neighborhood grocery and more!

Topping bar for your soft serve ice ceam
Topping bar for your soft serve ice cream

You’ll find a wide range of items stocked in our store:

  • Groceries
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream with a topping bar
  • Take N Bake Pizzas made fresh!
  • Coffee, tea, sodas and juices
  • Snacks for your day of travel
  • Gifts and mercantile products hand picked to suit both locals and those traveling through
  • Picnic Supplies
  • Potted flowers and houseplants

Our Soft Serve Ice Cream is the best on Hwy 55 with Huckleberry Ice cream made as long as we can get the ingredients! That’s right, we make our own recipes for our flavorful seasonal ice cream right here! But customers just can’t seem to get enough of our Huckleberry soft serve ice cream so we’ll keep churning it up for them.

Whether you don’t want to drive over the pass into the city for those few groceries you need, or want to come enjoy some self-serve frozen yogurt with all the toppings; White Horse is the place to come. Our customers range from locals, people with a second home in the area and those just passing through.White Horse Grocery & Mercantile was purchased by Danny and Patti in 2012. It has been a small grocery store in Horseshoe Bend, ID for many years, and Danny and Patti’s goal is to continue to carry groceries, frozen yogurt, and other small items for the local community and those just passing through.

Conveniently located on Hwy 55 between Eagle and McCall, just south of the local library and Horseshoe Bend High School.

Patti is always adding to the mercantile/gift selections. If you need a unique gift, stop on by.


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